Hello world!

I can’t believe that I’m doing this! Years of resisting the virtual, public, belly button gazing have collapsed after consumption of wine and consorting with bloggers for a week. Here goes……


12 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Hooray!

    One of us, one of us!


  2. My thoughts exactly–but here I am, too! Come on in, Mark…the water’s fine :^)

  3. Yeah, can’t wait for the stuff…

  4. And your next post will be???

  5. Wonderful time at Seabeck and looking forward to your thoughts.

  6. Um Pete, I think the point of this is to actually post things on a little bit of a consistant basis;-). It was really a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for bieng so gracious to me and answering my unending questions about Northumbria. You are very kind. I hope you will continue with blogging, Iam interested to hear from ya brother.

    Happy blogging

  7. Wait a minute…Bill says that this is Pete’s blog!

    Pete, is that you? My earlier comment is still in moderation…is that a kind of blogospheric purgatory?

  8. Hurray, I’m out!

    …that means you’re at least looking around…I will be patient and look forward to hearing what you have to say–whenever you say it!

  9. From one Northumbrian to another…. welcome!

  10. So maybe it wasn’t the brightest idea to start a blog and then go on holiday for a week – holiday without internet…….?!!

  11. Pete…it’s all a learning curve, brother. You’re good…there’s been lots to read around with the other MO Bloggers ;^) You certainly deserved a little holiday with your precious bride!

  12. Pete, it was good to see and hear you in the Allelon video today…praying for you every day as I stop by to see if you’ve come up for air!

    Be blessed.

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